The Mission

The mission of is to activate community involvement in the future of Adventure Playground. Our goals are as follows:

  • Inform the community regarding current affairs
    • A well-organized and informed community is the strongest defense
  • Acquire full knowledge of current city plans and contracts through dialogue
    • The city has currently signed several contracts to landscape and demolish Adventure Playground. We understand that because the park has been closed and unmaintained for over two years that there are structures currently beyond repair; we do not know if ALL the structures are beyond repair. If it possible to retrofit existing structures, demolishing the entire park and then rebuilding anew is counter-productive.
  • Discuss the feasibility of bringing AP operational
    • Adventure Playground will require significant funds in order to become operational again. We hope that this site provides an environment to foster innovations in the parks ability to generate revenue, become more sustainable, and just downright better than ever before.
  • Reminisce
    • One of the best parts of the AP experience is to think back on all the great times spent there. Feel free to post pictures & share your stories.

2 Responses to The Mission

  1. Hey guys,

    This is issue is one of my campaign issues. Let’s work together to get AP back open.

    (949) 293-4790


  2. Farah Shabazi says:

    Citizens of Irvine, taxpayers will not allow any negligence to the community. This is a serious deterioration that we don’t want to experience. City must cancel the schedule of demolition of ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND.

    This does not reflect the mission statement laid out by the City of Irvine, which says:

    City of Irvine will maintain and enhance Irvine’s physical environment that will prevent community deterioration.

    Stop demolition of Adventure Playground

    Defend Adventure Playground

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