The End Game

Dear Defender,.

Last month we were invited to Irvine City Hall to meet with various staff from Public Works and Community Services. At the meeting, Public Works staffers Jacki Scott and Shohreh Dupuis presented a ‘budget alternative’ for the park that would enable AP to open without any additional funding. At first we were leery about further cutting back the park, especially after going through a rigorous feature selection at the Community Services Planning Commission and Community Workshop. But we soon learned that this budget alternative is the surest bet for getting the park open.

Here are the details about AP’s future:

  • There is an upcoming November City Council election. The current members of City Council are familiar with the AP project and understand how much it is valued by the community. A whole new council could mean a whole new ballgame.
  • To request additional funding for the park requires at least three months of engineering development before the plan would be ready for presentation to Irvine City Council. This puts us at a vote after the November elections.
  • The additional funding to complete AP as recommended by the Community Services Commission is $.9 million. Since these funds are not budgeted for, they would have to be taken from other programs or reserves. Reallocating nearly a million dollars for a park during an election cycle is risky business for incumbents.
  • AP already has enough money budgeted in order to open under the revised budget alternative. According to Public Works, AP could begin construction within 60 days of council approval, followed by 6 months of construction.
  • The revised budget alternative is going to vote TOMORROW Tuesday Aug 26. It stands good chance of passing.

So what is the revised budget alternative?

  • Reduce water feature and pond to a simple hand pump at the top of the hill where the old water slide began
    • The water would run down the hill and over specialized soil that drains a significant amount of the run-off
      • This revision actually allows for more soil/water interaction for children
  • Retain climbing forest and a reduced tree house structure
    • Any surplus budget after the bidding process would go towards expanding the tree house to its full size
  • Retain concrete slides and sensory garden
  • Build a shade trellis, shaded picnic benches, and materials storage sheds
    • These elements would serve as a hang out area
  • Install infrastructure for future lighting (conduit)
  • Seeded aggregate concrete walkways (not colorized)
  • All original native plant landscaping, including bamboo forest for building materials harvesting
  • Ropes course (totem style) poles interspersed throughout the park

We are enthusiastic about this latest design development. It skirts by any further bureaucratic and political obstacles and allows the park to get open FASTEST. Plus, all the cutbacks really make AP more AP. It does the absolute best it can with the resources given. And if that’s not in the spirit of Adventure Playground, then we don’t know what is.

This alternative goes to vote at TOMORROW’S CITY COUNCIL MEETING Tuesday Aug. 26th at 4:00 pm. We encourage you to come out and support this latest recommendation to open the park using only the existing funding that it currently has.

From this vantage, what we see is the final end game. There is a practical and feasible park on the horizon. As Defenders of AP, we back this alternative. We are ready to build.


Defenders of Adventure Playground

Long live the AP legacy!

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4 Responses to The End Game

  1. Kim says:

    A note on the date for the meeting – it’s tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 26 at 1 Civic Center Plaza.

  2. Bahar says:

    Is there any way to help volunteer for the new build?? I used to go as a child and also used to be l.I.T. At UP! It would be so fun to help work on the new AP

    • The build is going to be done by certified and bonded contractors. This is not a build like back in the day. There’s more liability now, so I guess the answer is no. It’s great you want to help. Please contact Ahmir at University Community park and ask how you can be involved when it opens!

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