Design Revision Workshop Wednesday, March 26

Dear Defender,

The outcome of the last Community Services Commission Meeting on March 5th is that AP is too costly as currently designed, and that another Community Workshop will be held to revise the park features in order to bring down costs. While it is unfortunate that we now have to go back and make cuts, we are encouraged by the enthusiasm that the current Community Services Planning Commission has for AP. The commission was sympathetic to the years of effort we have put into this park, and were adamant about moving quickly with the design revision. Thus we have a design revision workshop this Wednesday March 26 at 6pm in University Park Community Center. The goal of this workshop is to weigh the pros and cons of elements such as the waterfall, living pond, sunken pirate ship, etc. in terms of cost and long term value to AP. By the end of the workshop, we hope to have revised feature set / construction cost to submit for review by the Community Services Planning Commission. Exactly how much we need to cut ought to be hashed out in the workshop. The commission has made clear what ballpark they are comfortable in, and fortunately it is more to work with than the Value Engineering Design Alternative 2 figures initially proposed by Public Works.

We encourage our supporters to come out and participate in this revision workshop. AP is a community park and community participation is what legitimizes Defenders of Adventure Playground and what legitimizes the value of Adventure Playground as a project worth building.

Hope to see you there!

Defenders of Adventure Playground

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