News Update: City Hall Appropriates 400k for AP

Yes the headline is true. Go ahead, pinch yourself.

Dear Defenders of Adventure Playground,

As of today November 23, 2010 the City of Irvine by the unanimous vote of the city council has officially appropriated $400,000 for the re-construction of Adventure Playground.

The decision was made today at the November City Council Meeting after officials within the Community Services Department, City Finance Commission, and other unknown actors modified the current budget to accommodate the AP movement. This modification was added to the city council agenda and subsequently passed by the council. Since the appropriation is the result of modifications to the current budget, the funds are available and effective immediately.

Where do we start? The plan is to begin community meetings concerning AP and its rehabilitation. These meetings will bring city staff and the community together in order to formulate a path forward. The new budget appropriation affords the resources necessary to mobilize the skills of topographical engineers, park planners, and others of relevant background. Given the approaching holiday season, we anticipate that the first of these meetings will occur mid-late January 2011. This should give city staff and partners sufficient time to develop a community presentation regarding the more advanced challenges facing the playground, such as drainage, topography, and construction of park models.

In the mean time it is important that the defenders of AP form our own community meetings prior to January 2010 in order to develop our interpretations and guidelines for handling affairs. Stay posted for upcoming schedules.

Furthermore, we would like to commend Community Services Director Brian Fisk, park planner Steven Hobart, the City Planners office, the Irvine Community Services Commission, and members of Irvine City Council along with Mayor Kang for their cooperation and sympathy to our cause. It is uplifting to exercise our democratic rights to free speech, assembly, and representational government and then see first hand the direct results of these actions. Your commitment to preserve the legacy of Adventure Playground is appreciated.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone from the community and surrounding areas who have lent their support to the Defend AP movement. Thank you to all the courageous folks who showed up to our rally and picketed the streets; to all the folks who came to the meetings at city hall and showed their support in presence and in speech; to all the bloggers and reporters who have devoted their time to reporting the AP story; and to all the folks online who have expressed their concern for AP. We couldn’t have made it this far without such community support, and with it we will continue to progress and thrive.

It’s time to put down the picket signs and put on the thinking caps.                                           We have a playground to build.

Long live the AP legacy!

Defenders of Adventure Playground

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